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Hell Yes Hell Yes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


mmmmmmmmm i like Ths VERy Mucjh :L))):):P)))))))))))))))0

Orangebeef responds:

hey we should collaborate some time like we used to!

GameOver GameOver

Rated 0 / 5 stars

tom fulp

is a retard
this "movie" had no substance which breaks one of the submission rules, yet it is on the front page
and previews to flash movies always suck anyways so either make a movie out of it or dont waste the time of...
actually as long as this keeps all the idiots of the world occupied (aka newgrounds) it IS a good thing so...
good work! you may have saved us from some sort of disaster
keep making useless "movies", the world will thank you one day

Nirvana DVD Nirvana DVD

Rated 0 / 5 stars


your title is completely misleading and replying to someone who says:
"Wow!!! 2 stick men shooting energy blasts at each other in a DBZ manner with music being the only sound, that is totaly original dude. You should start your own frigin cartoon series man, you are SOOOO original. I mean who whould have ever thought of having 2 stick men fight? YOU BABY!!! I LOVE YOU MAN..."
"man.. i just wait 4 ppl like u.. so i can hack into ur computers and find ur home adress and all ur personal info.. then eventually i come down to your house and shoot you in the head with a 9mm gat fuckin tweaker peace u fuckin goof "

is just childish and you're a complete loser, practice animating something other than stick figures and think of some other way to make them fight that isnt already taken by a moronic show

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Parrott's Bar Parrott's Bar

Rated 2 / 5 stars


way too glitchy for the amount of difficulty you decided to give, for whatever reason

the beer takes way too long to pour and often i find myself having to pull the drink off and put it back on because although there is liquid pouring into the drink, the glass is not filling

i dont see whats wrong with allowing people to actually be able to play this for a bit before having to restart, why not make the beer pour faster?
it takes literally 24 seconds (or more) to pour a glass when it doesnt glitch, which is almost half the starting time
isn't that a bit excessive?
either give more time or make the beer pour faster

or you can make the time bonuses actually worth while, there's only a few drinks you can actually make in three seconds, why not add more of a bonus for the beer or the drinks that take more than one step?

basically, the beginning of a game should not be this hard, anyone who lasts long got that far because they didnt have to pour very much beer

at the current point, how far you get is directly affected by how much beer you are asked to pour
so fix something please, i do like the game, but the fact that it's impossible to last long based on anything but luck annoys me

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- :: Commando 2 :: - - :: Commando 2 :: -

Rated 5 / 5 stars

pretty good

the best of this type of game made in flash, good work, except i found a very easy way to win(works in all modes):
click over to the stonemason tab and wait
when the troll reaches 100% click on it
when the arrows reach 100% use them in the center of a group of enemy units
click on the zeppelin when it reaches 100%
wait (which means do not spend any money and do not use the troll) until the lightning reaches 97% or so (ignore the alarm that starts sounding, you'll kill them before they kill you) then click on the catapult in the stonemason tab as many times as you can then quickly click on the lightning then the troll and watch the enemy's health plummet woohoo
its nice you thought of an original way to lose life, but having an actual base that loses life when attacked makes much more sense and works better, just my opinion though


Making actual bases would require me making a bigger battlefield, bigger interface, more artwork, and a pathfinding engine to show the units how to walk around it. In other words, it would make the game A LOT slower, and it would take A LOT longer to make.

Ninja Attack - part 1 Ninja Attack - part 1

Rated 0 / 5 stars

rip off

blatant rip off of an open source game on flash kit called rogue's gallery

to find it: type rogue's gallery flashkit into google
then click on the first link,
when flashkit opens go to the next page (page 15) and it should be the first game listed on that page

give credit where credit is due, child

and learn how to spell

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Keirodious responds:

err has ayone seen the boss? or completed it? i gave him credit in the credits! hence the name credits! its where you give credit to people i also emailed him! mr dirty monkey... i am saddened... sniff